My first time seeing a rainbow was a horrible experience.

I was in a beach on a little island with my family. The weather was pretty nice with the sun and a clear sky. Suddenly, there was a shower. Exactly when the shower just stopped, a bee was behind me. It kept following me on the beach. I ran and screamed. But, of course, someone saved me at the end. At that exact moment, I looked up the sky, there was the rainbow; A rainbow with 4 or 5 colors in the middle of two clouds. That was my first time seeing a real rainbow on the sky. I am amazed by it even it was a very short and thin one.

Ever sine then, I am very curious about what is behind/ under/ at the end of a rainbow. Although I know nothing about it, I still kind of have a thing for rainbow. To me, it represents hope, reborn, blessing and good luck.

I tried to chase a rainbow in a car with my friend. I and my friends made promises under a rainbow. Well, not exactly under it. But, I wish I could someday go underneath a rainbow, a really big and bright one…and make a wish.

Double-alaskan-rainbowOMG…exactly like this one. (photo from wikipedia)




The first thing I think of is the gay right movement.

I never associated gay men with rainbow before. Not before I came to SF and knew about the renowned Castro Street and its rainbow flags.

But I also think of the first rainbow, the rainbow Noah saw when the flood that destroyed almost all life on the earth ended.

And then there is also this physics explanation of rainbow. Moisture in the atmosphere after the rain, the sun light, the reflection…Actually, I don’t know much about physics.

I remember when I was a kid, I always had this wonder about rainbow. I thought it was mysterious. I firmly believed there must be some power to it. I believed once I got to the end of the rainbow, I could walk on it and it would carry me to the sky.

Later, I learned in school the scientific theory about rainbow, which totally smashed my fantasy about rainbow, but set me for some other fun: my friends and I would try to spray some water under the fierce sun just to produce a rainbow for ourselves.

I like to search for a rainbow after the rain. I love the freshness in the air. It seems it is a new start and everything is going to be great!



A couple days ago, I read something on the paper about MUNI–the public transportation system in SF.

It argued that speeding up the buses can help lower the cost for the public transportation agency and save money for the riders. According to the article, the average MUNI speed is 8 mph while the nationwide average is 12 to 15 mph.

To someone who doesn’t drive like me, public transportation service is very important to their daily lives.

So, I think maybe I should share some stories about the public transportation around the Bay Area.

Story#1: Sometimes I take the F, a transbay bus between East Bay and SF. The bus comes every 30 minutes. One day when I was waiting at the other side of the street to get across to the bus stop, I saw the F went by. That sucked, but I was trying to think positive: okay, the bus didn’t come and a 30 minutes wait is not a big deal. Then I was waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally I saw the F coming, so I got up from the seat and stood by the curb. The bus went by without stopping…man, I was standing right there!

Story#2: Sometimes I took the Cable Car, those famous tourist trams in SF that will take you from downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf. Unlike taking bus, usually you don’t show your ticket or MUNI pass when you board the cable car but until you are already in the car and asked by the staff. The other day when i got on the car and showed the driver my pass, he looked at the pass and then me, said in disgust :”Like I’m a bus driver.”

Story#3: This is also about Cable Car. I was sitting at the car which was very crowded. At a stop a couple tourists got in and the driver asked people to move inward so the new riders could get in. Someone said,”There’s no more room!” The driver shouted,”Be Nice! Be Nice! Say Excuse Me…and then push them!”



I really like buses. Not the buses you can see in the US which are mainly single-deck. Those I like are double-deck buses. Of course, it’s even nicer if it is the classic English style red double-deck bus, although I have never ridden one before.

Anyway, I still like those double-decker buses I grown up with me in my home-country. I remember how they accompanied me for my whole life. On those buses, I slept, slobbered, cried, laughed, shouted and sweated.

I remember how I tried to ride on the same bus just to “bump into” the boy I liked. I fooled around with friends on different buses. I studied and thought through stuff while riding them.

Oh, yes. They can be pretty slow with tons of stop. You can get really sweat riding them in the summer. They can get very crowded during peak hours. However, I really enjoy riding them. They are just there for me no matter it’s a beautiful sunny day or a horrible typhoon day.

Even though I like the buses at home, I still yearn for a time I could visit London and travel around with those red double-deck buses. Hopefully, there will be a chance. Wait for me, cute little red buses!


Meet Tif

“Well, tell me something about Tif.”

“Okay. Let me see… She is very annoying and bossy. When I work with her, she wants to decide all the time.”

“No way. I think she is quiet and easy-going. She is pretty okay with everything like I can decide where to go and what we eat every time we hang out.”

“Alright. Maybe she is that easy-going. But she is just very assertive. She argues with me all the time and never listen to me.”

“Are you kidding me? I think she is the person that loves to listen to both side. And I think she loves discussion.”

“What’s worst is that she is too logical. I think her philosophy is ‘if you think you can, you can do it no matter what’.”

“Well, I think she is pretty emotional and sensitive. She is easily moved by music and movies.”

“She is very cold to people!”

“But I think she is very caring and aware of what others in need of.”

“Wait a second. Are you guys talking about the same Tif?”

“Yes, of course we are! There is only one Tiff we know who would spell Tiff as T-I-F instead of T-I-F-F. ”

DSC028504074e 04413-3-04 036DSC001181 00301



Everyone who knows Tif would agree that she is very SMART and MATURE (for her age).

But Tif is more than just smart.

She is different. She has a very BEAUTIFUL HEART and she is SINCERE.

Deep, mysterious, emotional and independent, she occasionally disappears for a few days.

She is INDIFFERENT and CARING at the same time—or you can say she is selective in being caring.

Indifference: Tif doesn’t seem to care about school that much (and some other things). She liked to cut Friday classes so that she could have long weekends. Strategic!

Caring: Tif cares about people. Although she is smart and mature, she cares about her friends so much that she is so CUTE: “We can ship many things as packages by mail. Can we do that with cakes?” She once asked me…she was thinking about making a cake and then mail it to her friend whose birthday was coming up.

Some people may find Tif COLD and hard to approach when they first meet her. But I assure you all not let the first impression fools you since she is one of the most WELCOMING and OPEN-MINDED people I have ever met.

Last but not least, you better hear she sings!


Meet Lisa

So, Lisa is a very brave person.

The other day she saw a cat dangling in a tree, without hesitation, she climbed up the tree and saved the cat.

A police officer walked by, and exclaimed, “Wow, young lady, you’re so brave! You should be a firefighter!”

Lisa became a firefighter, and then head of the SFFD.

She married a firefighter and had two kids.

They lived happily ever after with the cat.



Lisa is like a Chrysanthemum. She is simple, traditional yet with a very strong character. She might be very quiet sometimes but she can be very talkative when you touch on things she are passionate about.

Lisa is like a Morning Glory sometimes. She is mysterious and hard to catch. Yet, when you see her bloom, you can see how pretty she is. Like morning glory, she blooms for a limited period of time each day. You better catch her when she still has energy. Otherwise, please wait til tomorrow.

Lisa is like a Dandelion. She has many places wanted to go and many things wanted to do. Yet, she can’t pick exactly where she wants to land. After all, what’s the point of knowing exactly what we want?

Lisa is as cute as a Lily-of-the-Valley sometimes. She might always carry a serious look. But she does have many silly thoughts that would surprise you in her little brain.

Lisa is like a Sunflower to me when she smiles.

Lisa, I know you might be forgetful sometimes. But, please, Forget-me-not.


When I was young, I didn’t have a lot of chance to travel around since my parents were mostly occupied by their works. However, during my study in the US, I’ve been to a couple cities, each gave me a different feeling and impression.

Los Angeles.  First impression: very hot. To me, LA with two major theme parks, many beaches, tons of tourist attractions, a lot of shopping malls/areas, numerous good restaurants, it is a great place for visitors and entertainment-seekers.

San Francisco Bay Area. First impression: very cool (whether). To me, Bay area is a good place to live in if you enjoy a more relaxed laid back lifestyle.

Washington D.C.. First impressions: very high tax. Very pretty and elaborately-designed city. Apparently, it is very governmental and always packed with tourists. It is a great place for museum lovers since most of the museums there are free of charge.

New York City. First impression: very much like my home country – Hong Kong. Extremely busy and fast-paced. Subway is very convenient but not very clean. To me, NYC is too flashy.

Boston. First impression: very quiet. It was almost like I was the only one there. I somehow think Boston is a high-end city.

But after all, where do I like the most? Even though I’ve been to these many places, my home – Hong Kong is still the place I love the most. Although it is packed with many rude people and has many pollution problems, it is still a place where I grow up and filled with memories. No matter how far I am, this place will be always in my mind.

Have you found a place that you love? The place of life?



Here’s my version:

SF BayArea: It’s where I’ve been living since I came to this country. A good place to live. Right pace of life. Great attractions. Different types of entertainment. Level of crowdiness is just right. I love the weather except it’s hard to predict what you will get tomorrow based on what you have today.

Los Angeles: I don’t know LA very well even though I’ve been there for a few times–every time it was for family occasions. I’ve never been to those theme parks although I’m not very excited about going as well. I don’t think I would like to live in LA since places are too scattering.

New York City: It does remind me of Hong Kong. Very crowded. Very fast paced. Lots of shops. Subways…yea, not clean. Although I don’t like the weather, I think it’s a city full of energy. I like the coffee stands on the streets.

Washington D.C.: I don’t remember much about it–some memorials??? I got sick there…

Boston: First impression: I liked it! But since my friends and I spent only one day (few hours) there, so, it’s hard to know if I really like it or not.

I would like to live in either SF Bay Area or Hong Kong. I was not born in HK, but I like the place and I love the people even they are considered by others as rude. Actually I cannot decide if I want to stay in SF or go back to Hong Kong, but my parents want to stay here.