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When I was young, I didn’t have a lot of chance to travel around since my parents were mostly occupied by their works. However, during my study in the US, I’ve been to a couple cities, each gave me a different feeling and impression.

Los Angeles.  First impression: very hot. To me, LA with two major theme parks, many beaches, tons of tourist attractions, a lot of shopping malls/areas, numerous good restaurants, it is a great place for visitors and entertainment-seekers.

San Francisco Bay Area. First impression: very cool (whether). To me, Bay area is a good place to live in if you enjoy a more relaxed laid back lifestyle.

Washington D.C.. First impressions: very high tax. Very pretty and elaborately-designed city. Apparently, it is very governmental and always packed with tourists. It is a great place for museum lovers since most of the museums there are free of charge.

New York City. First impression: very much like my home country – Hong Kong. Extremely busy and fast-paced. Subway is very convenient but not very clean. To me, NYC is too flashy.

Boston. First impression: very quiet. It was almost like I was the only one there. I somehow think Boston is a high-end city.

But after all, where do I like the most? Even though I’ve been to these many places, my home – Hong Kong is still the place I love the most. Although it is packed with many rude people and has many pollution problems, it is still a place where I grow up and filled with memories. No matter how far I am, this place will be always in my mind.

Have you found a place that you love? The place of life?



Here’s my version:

SF BayArea: It’s where I’ve been living since I came to this country. A good place to live. Right pace of life. Great attractions. Different types of entertainment. Level of crowdiness is just right. I love the weather except it’s hard to predict what you will get tomorrow based on what you have today.

Los Angeles: I don’t know LA very well even though I’ve been there for a few times–every time it was for family occasions. I’ve never been to those theme parks although I’m not very excited about going as well. I don’t think I would like to live in LA since places are too scattering.

New York City: It does remind me of Hong Kong. Very crowded. Very fast paced. Lots of shops. Subways…yea, not clean. Although I don’t like the weather, I think it’s a city full of energy. I like the coffee stands on the streets.

Washington D.C.: I don’t remember much about it–some memorials??? I got sick there…

Boston: First impression: I liked it! But since my friends and I spent only one day (few hours) there, so, it’s hard to know if I really like it or not.

I would like to live in either SF Bay Area or Hong Kong. I was not born in HK, but I like the place and I love the people even they are considered by others as rude. Actually I cannot decide if I want to stay in SF or go back to Hong Kong, but my parents want to stay here.



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